Why not?

Limit: noun. A point or level beyond which something does not or may not exceed or pass. 

Limits. Why set them? Why not set goals? Why not set deadlines to meet those goals?

Have you ever had someone tell you that you couldn’t or will not do something? That you couldn’t succeed. We get on the defense right away and try to prove them wrong with a hot head. Yet, limits. We give our self limits all the time.

How far would you go?

More times then none we as humans have a habit of getting in our own way. When some people say “I am my own worst enemy” we have no idea how accurate that statement actually could be. Dig deep on this one. How many times have you taken a step or two back because of the way you handled something, the way you reacted to a situation, or lack of planning? More times than not, right?

We have to do better, we gotta be better. For you and for society as a whole. Shed your light and your wisdom on others and take advice from others who have what you want or possess qualities you desire. I spoke with someone recently about goals and where I wanted to be in my career five years from now, ten years from now and ultimately my dream job. I said I wanted to be a marketing director or a general manager of a professional sports team. She replied, “oh that’s it? why not a league, a sports team oversees, why not?”. Exactly. WHY NOT?

She opened up my eyes, we are in relatively the same field of work and instead of being “oh that’s cool” about my ambitions she made me dig deeper and look higher. I look around this Southeast Wisconsin area and I see fear of shedding light onto others, fear of people being better than you and plenty of people setting limits like I once had.

Don’t let your surroundings allow you to set limits. Surround yourself with people and things that don’t allow you to set those limits but instead set goals and plans to get there.

That’s all for now. Set goals. Shed light on others. Support each other.



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