Name Changes and why Artists do it

One of the most crucial things to me and a lot of others artists I know is representation. About over a year ago I introduced myself as Remedy Da’Kure, coming out with my debut mix tape MEDS! Its amazing how much has changed in my personal life and in my life as an artist since then. First off I was always on the fence about the name but I knew before the tape came out I needed something! I thought about being so many things: Nameless, Talent, Remy, Da’kure, Remedy, the names are endless. Your artist name is your identity, the identity you get to choose yourself not one your stuck with for 18 years or even more if you decide to keep it. So think about how much pressure that was…. you have endless options.

The reason I didn’t care for Remedy Da’Kure over time is because I didn’t feel like it reflected the person I am over all. Remedy came about when I was 12 years old, my mom started to really invest in my music and started putting me in live poetry performances. I had a natural presence, a crazy crowd reaction, and a message most people my age didn’t even understand. I spoke on change, uplifting our people, and pressures of social society. Not even understanding how powerful I was at a young age I still did understand that what I was speaking about could be a cure to the minds of man kind. As you know “Remedy” in a nut shell means: The cure.

Every time I got off the mike or would finish a post on Facebook I would end it with that name.

When the rapping came about which was a surprise to me because I didn’t grow up listening to rap music I thought that Remedy fit more for poetry. So people start calling me Remy for short, but as that continued it just became a common nick name.

How will people acknowledge me as an image and not just as a regular every day person?

#MEDS was coming close around the corner, I had released videos already and so I just went with the only name I knew I wouldn’t need to put thought into. “Remedy Da’Kure”

But as I kept rapping I grew to hate that name… I knew it was something I just threw together and it aggravated me even more every time I’d have to upload a song entering “by: Remedy Da’Kure”. That name was really just an over emphasis to itself. I hated telling people that was my name, I hated being announced on stage that way but I was already deep into a fan  base I didn’t feel like I could change it.

When I decided to make my 3rd mix tape #RoomForImprovement I finally embraced the opportunity that I could make many changes while making this tape because thats all it was really about. Progress, Change. etc.

I brought different sounds, ideas, and energies all to #RoomForImprovement it became a tape of variety, personality and growth.

What name would perfectly describe me with out putting me in such a one dimension?

Even once #RoomForImprovement came out I still didn’t know… but I did let all of my fans know in the outro of the tape that I didn’t like my name at all… I was actually kind of talking shit about my self. I found that funny also I found it to be real. Which is something artists don’t show enough of…

And there it was…. “The Real Remy” hearing that name you don’t know what to think… you’ve got to go to a song or video you have no choice. Its a formless title and I find my self to be a formless artist/person. You won’t just get rap every time, you might get pop, you might get rock or you might get something you never even thought I could do….

I’m NOT JUST A RAPPER and 2014 is all about showing that.

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned the past years and applied those things but also I am ready to expand on the things that I’ve become.

Every artist has a different reason, sometimes its the label that changes you. I’m going to try my best not to let that happen.

What I can say now is I feel even more comfortable, more powerful and more free by just having a different name I actually like. I can’t wait to get the new results and feed back on everything I’ve done all up until this point.

Thanks for reading… oh and if you are a new comer. Here is some things you can check out:

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