Milwaukee: A City on the Rise

Milwaukee A city on the rise? Lmao! with all this violence, crime, killings and many things that made this city infamous for the last few years how can you say this city is on the rise Marques? Well it starts within us and what we can do to make our lives better using the cards we were dealt and what we pulled out the deck as our lives continue on. I couldn’t help but notice even with all the negativity I would see, hear and read on the news, it seems to be a silver lining approaching for this great city. I log on to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram just like 90% of the young people of Milwaukee and I read statuses about graduating college or being hired for a great paying job or even traveling abroad to fulfill the purpose that God has sent out for that person. As my life moved forward I learned in a hurry that it’s not always where you are but how much work are you willing to put in so you can live a fulfilling life for yourself and there’s a lot of people in Milwaukee that are doing so whether in education, athletics, music, arts the youth in this city in my view are waking up and smelling the coffee and fighting for a positive change in Milwaukee. So is Milwaukee a city on the rise? I believe that it is, the real question is do you think the city is on the rise?


Feel free to leave a comment about your opinion and who you think is helping Milwaukee become a city on the rise.

A City On The Rise

A City On The Rise

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