[Interview] “SnappedWithThat” Post-Fashion Show

So the story of the month of February was HRC Clothing and their fashion show held in Milwaukee, WI at the War Memorial.  It was hyped up to be a pretty memorable event, and being someone who was in attendance for the show, I’d say they nailed that one!  The turnout was nice and for their first event, the organization behind each segment was done successfully.  The key focus behind HRC is that they’re trying to bring out the best in Milwaukee and motivating other people, businesses, and entrepreneurs to do the same.  With that being said, I was able to speak to them about their thoughts on the show and what to expect from them later on this year.

HRC Clothing Interview

How do you feel about the turn out for the fashion show based on your original predictions?

The turn out for the fashion show was great! It actually exceeded our expectations, especially since there was a blizzard that day. To have a full house during a storm was an amazing feeling.

Were you guys nervous about anything in particular regarding the show?

Can’t pick one thing in particular because we were nervous about everything.  It was our first show but we wanted it to be perfect.

Moving forward, how do you expect the success of the fashion show to affect anything you guys do in the future?

The Fashion Show was like our first impression. It served as a great example of what we are capable of and what we have to offer. Everybody had a great time at the show and that is what the expectation is going to be every time we have an event. It was an all around good look for us and a foreshadowing of our future events.

What’s next for HRC? Any big events we should know about?

More events, more trips, more series and more custom pieces! Our next event is in April. We are having an Auction/Artist Showcase. This is another opportunity to show off our styling capabilities and create exposure for local artists. The auction will be a silent auction and pieces from the Fashion Show will be available to bid on, along with new custom pieces. HRC will be hosting many fun activities in the summer and there will be another fashion show in the fall.  We don’t want to give away too much but there is definitely a lot to look forward to from HRC.

How excited are you about being a part of the “WeAreMilwaukee” documentary by Mission10Eleven?

We are very excited about being a part of the documentary. This is the perfect opportunity to tell our story and for people to
familiarize our faces with the brand. The “WeAreMilwaukee” movement is something that we take pride in being a part of. We can’t wait to see the outcome of this project!

It may be cliche, but the sky is only the limit for this crew as they embark on an incredible journey to define their brand and live out the dream of their former CEO De’Mott Manuel.  R.I.P. to De’Mott and I know he is proud of you guys 100%.  We can’t wait to see what’s next for you guys coming this spring and the remainder of the year.

Stay Connected with HRC Clothing:
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Website – http://www.hrcclothing.com
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Phone – 414.604.6124

“It’s not a clothing line, it’s a lifestyle”
-HRC Clothing

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