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William Howell aka Mr. Wicked CEO of Rapcine

There’s been a lot of buzz around Racine, WI about the new powerhouse, Rapcine. Some would say that Rapcine is the “World Star Hip Hop” of Racine, without all the fighting and foolishness. From the looks of it, the movement seems to be doing a lot of great things for the city of Racine and its music. With rap music becoming an industry that a lot of individuals want to break the ice in, Rapcine is helping give exposure to the many talented artists in Racine looking to make a name for themselves.

While having the opportunity to catch up with a view of the people who started it, I spoke with William Howell, CEO of Rapcine, to get some more background on the organization. Mr. Wicked, as some may call him, now 31 years old, has been recording music since the age of 10. He was born and raised in Racine, Wisconsin but spent 3 or 4 years of his childhood in Atlanta. Being the first to break so many boundaries in music in Racine’s small town, gave him a step ahead of the competition early, but would later earn him the trust of every artist in the state. Even though after years of relentless grinding, bad record deals, and broken friendships, he has still represented his city with pride.

His ex manager KB from Milwaukee had launched a website and told him he thought it would be a great idea if he did the same for his hometown (Racine) since they have no outlets for local music. At first, he was hesitant be involved but KB stayed persistent in his stance. After throwing names back and forth KB yells “I got it”!! “RAPCINE” it’ll represent the Rap scene in Racine and it stuck like glue.


Jay Novel – Editor in Chief of Rapcine

After launching a flash page with the logo on it and “Coming Soon” as the tagline, William began promoting and looking for an Editor In Chief. The very first person on his list was Jay Novel. A local rapper with a “get-it-done by-any-means” attitude and always reaching out to others to see if he could assist in any way possible. As soon as he offered him the position, he was more than excited to get started working. They met and had dinner to discuss the direction they would take it.

Rapcine would be built on the backs of the under dogs. By providing them with HD freestyle videos, professional photo shoots, recording shows and sponsoring concerts. Jay Novel began to cover any and every event possible. Showing up at every studio’s recording sessions and even going from Milwaukee to Kenosha covering all Southeastern Wisconsin’s artists. The site officially launched on Oct. 20th of 2012. The response was so huge it raised expectations almost immediately. Jay Novel began shooting full videos for artists and building relationships with radio and local dj’s.

William watched Jay Novel rise to prominence in a matter of months. As the face of Rapcine.com, he is well on his way to leading them into the future with no looking back. He has already sponsored and covered YMCMB artist Jae Mills concert and has already been asked to cover his favorite rapper Joe Budden in April. Building relationships in the industry will be paramount to their success, and the constant need for promotion is greater than ever.


After the addition of Adrielle Gaston, CEO of 6Ward Film Division to their company, they’ve taken image up another notch. They vision being a website that can break records like radio. The intent is to help these artists sell the same songs directly from their website. They have to build a bridge from the streets to radio and take the time to nurture their sound as well. It is no longer about just trying to show that they have talent, but time to start breeding platinum artists. Give them direction and 24hr promotion in a world that feeds on music. This is the future of Rapcine.com

Photo Credits: David Konieczko

Phone – Jay Novel – 262.880.4326
Email SubmissionsRapcine262@gmail.com

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