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Awesomest Prime by Calena Roberts (@_Calcentric)

Taken – like an Advil to a headache
Soothing the pain, always that number one prescription
Used – as a hand bag full of junk
That the little girl filled just so she could tote… it around

Took – the innocence of her emotions, turned her thoughts into reality
Got her believing – truth
Uses – their sacred moments as memories
Ties the laughter with love, so she has fallen

Take – what it is true and put it in the situation
Let it overwhelm your insecurities
Overflow your mind with possibilities… it can happen
Use – what’s already there to find that true purpose?

She loves your music – you love the way she dances
The music in dance is love for ME in you
Her dance is to your music, without… there’s no rhythm, no phrase or combination to the beat
It’s you without me
We crescendo from one line to a staff – getting to that Grand step. Step. STEP – we’re there!
The chemistry from the jump
I’ll forever be your love… the music in dance.

Our heartbeat… THUMP
The alignment of our bodies when they meed
Counterbalancing, weight sharing our relationship, with all other priorities
My floor plan matches your floor plan
So we collide and I “Smash into you”
You’re Epaule – I’m Ecarte… but the’yre constantly pulling me away.
But again… I smash into you!
I want nothing by to be your technique
Pivot out of that stage where you’ve just left – change.
Two months young of the best impact on my life
Trapped in my dance – intertwined in your music
I see you as me if God had made me perfect
The music in dance…

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