[Article] Introducing the WOMEN’s Movement

Over the past few days, I’ve noticed a bit of talk about something called the Women Movement.  On Instagram and Facebook, there seems to be a buzz about it.  I reached out to the woman behind it all, Steph Crosley, to get some more information about it and from the information I received, the Women Movement is a great opportunity to bring something positive back to the city of Milwaukee.

The word WOMEN is an acronym standing for Widening Opportunities to Motivate, Empower, & Network.  With much of the advancement in social media, the networking piece is critical to the ability to motivate and empower others.  This stood out to me.  The mission of the Women’s Movement is to bring women in the Milwaukee community together to work on things focused on self, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically, and intellectually through a variety of workshops, events, and challenges.  They believe through the various events, women will come together, foster and sustain healthy relationships amongst one another.

The idea came about after Steph saw a picture on Instagram that stated, “One woman can make a difference, but together we can rock the world,” and at that point, she came alive.  She wanted to do something to “bring women together and rock the world.”  Originally they were going to put together a Women Empowerment Fashion Show, but from the amount of support and love they received, they were encouraged enough to go further.  There are more women looking for something positive than there are who aren’t.  This was her inspiration.

Explain your role in the movement

The idea was initially mine and then I linked up with a friend of mine of 15 years who shared the same vision & passion for this kind of work. I am a co-founder of the movement, but I am also a member as well. I need the same support & empowerment just like the women who participate.

What is your goal with the movement and what has the feedback been like so far?

The amount of support has come in abundance and is very inspiring. The goal is really to bring women together, provide a space and a system where women can look to for support and/or encouragement and to empower women.

Are you looking to start a nonprofit organization from this?

Yes, we are in the process of establishing it.

They had an event on Friday, April 18th.  The event was Pillow Talk: Once upon a time. It took place at the Aloft hotel in downtown Milwaukee.  They had about 58 women in attendance and the women participated in several different activities including: an icebreaker where they had to mingle with the other women there. They made vision/encouragement bags and had an open “Girl Code” discussion. They did some self-reflection and then opened the floor for story-telling. Women were able to tell their own story and how they overcame a struggle in hopes to empower someone else who may be going through a similar struggle. The messages of the evening included: forgiveness, depression, not taking time and life for granted, being a queen, encouragement, parenting, among other things. Each woman received an eye mask, a pillow and a hand-written personalized card.

What were some positives from the event and what would you like to change moving forward?

Some positives were that there was real bonding going on. There was assigned seating so we made sure that everyone was sitting next to someone they did not know. There were a lot of laughs, tears and a lot of positive energy on this evening. I was able to walk away with information that encouraged me to take a step back and self-reflect. We did solicit feedback afterwards and based on the women who completed the survey, 100% said they enjoyed themselves & 100% said they would be interested in attending another one.

Using a likert scale:
Activities: 4.6 out of 5

Food: 4.27 out of 5
Overall experience: 4.9 out of 5

There will be another one soon!

On June 15th, fashion show is a Women Empowerment Fashion Show that will feature 13 different Milwaukee women designers, boutique owners, cosmetics, and artist.  This is a fashion show powered by women so every service provided this day will come from that of a woman (photography, dj, caterer,etc).  It is to bring women together and encourage them to support local women chasing their dreams.  Men are allowed to attend this fashion show. Doors open at 1:00p, show begins at 2:15p.  All tickets will be pre-sold, no tickets will be sold at the door. Will take place at the Women’s Center at 3020 w. Vliet street.

They are committed to the overall growth of women as a whole. So they will be kicking off a health campaign Saturday May 17, 2014 at 9:00am in Whitefish Bay at Silver Spring park. This is open to all women and it is FREE of cost. They have a personal trainer, Myosha Barnes, who will be running it.

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Follow them on Instagram: @womenmovement

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