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Ambitious April: Who Are You? – Blog 1: Featuring Lauren Edwards

This year for Ambitious April we’re doing things differently, we want to share the stories of the young people that are striving to make a way. We’re doing this with just a simple question, Who Are You? We want to introduce everyone to the designer behind our Friday Night Lights Showcase 3: Champions Rise Together logo, the young woman that we are proud to have apart of our family. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Lauren Edwards.
Hello everyone, I’m Lauren Edwards. A young and ambitious, 24 year old woman on her “take over the world,” mission. It’s only right I team up with a forward moving organization like Mission10Eleven. Every since I could remember art has been apart of me. A kindergarten teacher sought me and my talents out, and told my mom simple by the way I hold my pencil, I will be very artistic. Shortly after my mom had me in ever art class she could find. I graduated from Southern University in Baton Rouge, LA with a Bachelor of Architecture, and currently work designing hospitals in New Orleans, LA.
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At the end of the day, I will own my own design-build firm. Graphic Design is a passion that balances out work and play. Graphic design allows me to put a smile on people’s faces when they see their vision come to life. I want to see my work transferred to the youth. Art has always been that voice that speaks for us when we’re scared or simply don’t know how to say it. I feel Mission10Eleven will be a blessing. Their connection with the youth and young adults is something I cherish.
If you’re interested in working with Lauren, you can contact her via Twitter or Instagram  @ArtByLK

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